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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  September 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. we believe question six will be overturned due to the african american vote. >> marriage in maryland. do you know how you will vote? hundred with you side is getting the messageo. >> a football game and two baseball games, a lot to cheer and we are just getting warmed up. i'm live at orioles park. >> i don't see it as a huge security breach. >> two strikes again a man with a batman cape taken down at ravens game. how security is responding to the streaker. and a moving company accused of bad practices. what you need to know before letting someone else take your stuff. first, we start with the same sex marriage issue here in maryland. african americans could be the key voting bloc when voters decide on the issue november 6th. we are here with that story. this is a local and national
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issue. >> reporter: it is. earlier this year the president and the naacp both came out in support of same sex marriage. despite that opponents are making a final push to win your vote with only about six weeks to go and one of their methods may raise eyebrows. in a small office they are making calls. >> we are depending on you. >> reporter: trying to convince opponents of same sex marriage to make donations, get out the vote and get to the polls. >> we believe in the lord's word which state that marriage is between a man and a woman. >> reporter: alicia is a leader a new group called jump the broom for marriages aiming at african american community. >> it's a unhealthy lifestyle for our can children, it's just not right. >> reporter: the president announced his support earlier this year. >> it's important for me to go head and affirm that i think
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same sex coupleless should be able to marry. . >> reporter: weeks later the naacp followed. >> we have always stood against laws that demean, or discriminate against person in this great country. >> reporter: it doesn't sway the jump the broom members. >> we support the president, we support him. we just don't agree with his views on same sex marriage. >> reporter: one of the mailers they are using shows the words my mommy is my daddy, my daddy is my mommy so who is my aunt? >> most are offended. they their morals, core values are the same as who we represent. >> reporter: that group is focusing its message on avenue ken american communities mainly in baltimore city and county.
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abc 2news. >> thank you. take a live look at baltimore. you have the orioles fans, still milling around. kind of chilly night but we won one, lost one. what do you need to know before you head out tomorrow? mike, umbrella? >> how about a couple coats. i think you will need them and then the umbrellas into the wednesday. here51 downtown. you find 40s north and west along the 70 corridor. here is the forecast, through the course of the evening. let's take a look at that high. 68 degrees, below average temperatures, back to the norm allah rages into tomorrow afternoon. 52 waking up to 68 degrees around lunchtime. good amount of sun during the afternoon. the clouds come into place by tomorrow late in the day and that's going to open the door for rain chances. we will detail that in the
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seven day. >> all right. thank you. the chilly weather isn't stopping the smoking hot orioles in baltimore. fans didn't seem to mind watching them play in the cold. that means they are doing well. still working for the doubleheader against the blue jays, jamie was among them. it has been a long day. >> reporter: from last night over there at the stadium to over here tonight playing doubleheader. the orioles won the first game 4-1 behind steve johnson and lot of the night cap just minutes ago. the final was 9-5. the yankees winning they now lead the or after a game and a half. the a's have just been tied but they are a game and a half behind so far. regardless playoff atmosphere has arrived two weeks early. >> you know what? as you are in with this
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program, to watch the team go you aren't in the right place. >> we didn't see this coming. it's different out here. >> pretty electric. >> it's a buzz we haven't had before. >> reporter: baseball smart again. we are into every pitch, every out, every hit. >> excited, a lot more excited. fans are really into it. everybody is into it. people stand up when they need to, they are starting to represent. >> reporter: orange, birds, orioles back in our hearts. >> i go back to memorial stadium, section 34, the madness. i have missed this. >> reporter: it's a proud papa who is all caught up in this for his own son and he remembers watching brooks with his dad. this is crazy. i'm so happy for him. everybody keeps like -- you must be so proud. of course i am. we are proud of all of our kids no matter what they do. they accomplish something but i'm happy for him.
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>> reporter: rookies, to this excitement, to veterans who know what it feels like. >> no better place than right here in baltimore. number one. >> reporter: nate said it best. he said its like playing in front of a college crowd. 30,000 came out to watch. the orioles will pass the two million milestone when the red sox come into town and kelley the wide card game and the divisional series first and second games have already been sold out. the orioles fever is starting to catch on. we go after game three tomorrow against the blue jays and then boston in for three over the weekend. we have the ravens in between on thursday night. a lot of cheering left. jamie, live at orioles park. >> thank you. you know the sports teams making charm city proud. ravens went back to work after last night's win over the patriots, came on a short week
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hosting cleaveland. they have the support of the best stadium in the league. >> you have to love baltimore. have you to love baltimore. there is nothing like our stadium. we have been in a lot of stadiums and they are all great but there is nothing like our stadium. there is nothing. it's better than every other stadium i have beenn. the fans so loyal and so behind their team. >> reporter: the coach said that the team continues to be behind tori smith and his family. his younger brother died last night, killed in a motorcycle accident. the coach said smith spent the day with his family but he plans to be back with the team tomorrow. you may find a streaker on the field entertaining but the head of security for the stadium authority isn't laughing. same guy in a batman suit on opening day in april was on the field at the ravens game last
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night. security doesn't think it's funny. >> reporter: no. you can watch that video and we may laugh but security doesn't see it that way. they want fans in their seats and not on the field. the security plan was updated before the start of the season but now guards need a new game plan after batman streaks again. nobody around knows what is about to happen as a 26-year- old inches closer to the field. give it a minute and batman returns. this rings a bell. he strips down to a cape and tight shorts and takes the attention away from the game with his moves and an anti bullying message on his chest. . >> i heard this big roar and i turned saw a guy run across the field streaking, looking like some hero. >> reporter: a hero not quite according to baltimore police and the stadium authority. >> we are using that as a
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learning opportunity, teaching moment to look at what happened, look at the policies as well as the crowd management. >> reporter: no trespassing signs were put up around the field, at bank and camden yards after police say mark harvey brought his same act to opening day. four streakers followed him in april, security was updated fans had stayed in their seats until sunday night. a streaker on the field at ravens stadium is a first for the team. >> i'm amused. i don't see it as a huge security thing. >> reporter: one fan saw kevin spacy in the fans. >> the streaker was really good. he had some great moves. they tried it surrender owned him. he got away. >> reporter: the streaker may have something to do with the orioles winning streak. security doesn't see this that way. they want giving out a game plan but it may be harder for anyone to jump on to the field. >> we will be making
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adjustments to ensure future incidents don't happen. > >> reporter: mark harvey encourages everybody to be a hero but batman has a record. he is charged with dress bagging, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. >> thank you. update tonight to an investigation involving a cosmetic surgery center. the department of health closed the monarch medspa after a patient died and two suffered severe infections. now we are learning health officials are warning people who had surgery at one of the facilities there. they say that the patients may have been exposed to a infectious and potentially deadly bacteria. the health department said they are taking precautions. days after the nih researcher was murdered outside of his home we have another
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violent death on the same street. a drug deal erupted in to gun fire. they are looking for suspects, brandon scott represents the area and said violent crime is actually down but police need help. >> we have a 29% reduction in homicide in northeast baltimore but that's a test to our wonderful command, officers and the connection with the community that they have. basically turning water into wine every day. we can't expect that from them. >> they are hoping for more officers to be added to the northeast district. scott said he has already brought up the issue to the incoming police commissioner. have you sent a personal message on facebook you wouldn't want others to see? be honest? in just a minute the glitch that could be making some of those private conversations very public. >> and on the wmar app now for the i-phone and android.
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laurel 45 degrees, this is the radar showing scattered showers and colorado but that may be a problem by wednesday. your full forecast coming up. >> and an investigation into a moving company accused of holding the customer's possessions hostage. those and more when we come back.
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. some facebook users thought they found a glitch on the site claiming published some of their private messages on timelines. face bike said that's not the case. the reports started in france where people saw old posts being feature. facebook said it pulled them from the old public comments and didn't publish private messages. this is a hot topic and make us wonder, how embarrassed would you be if your private messages on facebook were posted? leave your thoughts on our facebook page, at abc
11:14 pm a major step forward in the fight against breast cancer. the study is being called the most full of it's kind. researchers looking at it on a gene level. mapping out the origons of the disease by looking at hundreds of tumors. experts say it could lead to treatments sooner for women living breast cancer and said women are surviving longer. this breakthrough brings hope. >> the significance of this will come in several wares. it'll be a road map for discoverers that you can treat breast cancer at a genetic level, find the act problems in the gene that have created the breast cancer and possibly in the future reverse them. >> now for now patient also have to wait for clinical trials and drug studies, research is funded partly by money raised through komen for
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the cure and this is the 20th yearly race for the cure. once again we are back in hunt valley sunday october 21st. you can register by calling or heading to the website. you know you trust them with the thing that matter the most to you, expecting they will move it from point a to point b. what happens if your mover threatens to keep your stuff if you won't pony up more money? some customers of a baltimore area moving company are finding out the hard way. we dig into expose the horror stories tied to this local mover. this is on the couch. >> reporter: when 25-year-old lauren made a big move to new york city by herself she wanted her favorite things but for her first ten weeks in the big apple she had no bed, no tv, and no wardrobe. >> everything that you see in
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this closet was on the truck. >> reporter: almost everything she owned sat on a truck and then in storage for the better part of two months, it wasn't by choice. she said her family paid $900 up front to move her stuff but the movers wanted more when they showed up to deliver one day late. >> he said he is like -- i have my boss on the phone and he said you need to pay him $900 more because it's a second day. >> reporter: when she refused to pay more than the binding contract allowed for additional fees the movers pulled away with all of her stuff and she said they held onto it for months. they were held hostage, a common scheme in the moving industry. she worked usa relocation right here in owings mill. though the own owner said that they have never held items they have managed to rack up 21 complaints to the dot in the
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last four years with 15 related specifically to changing estimates, increasing final charges and holding items hostage. the five biggest registered movers with 283 trucks have a total of four complaints combined in that same time. one person claims their estimate jumped by $3,000 after a binding contract was signed, another said the mover said they wouldn't unload the furniture unless they paid another $1,400. another said that she now has month idea where her dead father's property is after being told she had to pay another thousand. >> its been horrible tale. >> reporter: the bbb has 40 complaints about usa relocation in the last three year was customers saying the company threatened or actually did leave if the customer wouldn't pay more at delivery. some who filed with the feds were told that pay me now or i leave and they would not release my items unless i paid
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all the extra up front. >> we are concerned about their customer service, and their not living up to the expectations of the person by over charging, holding things hostage until the higher amount is paid. >> reporter: the attorney general has heard the same allegations from at least three maryland s but they aren't the only ones. though the company looks like a new business records from the dot show they moved here from texas and launched a fresh website. >> anyone can put up a nice website that promotes themselves and gives abhijit appearance that they are proper. >> reporter: the reviews from texas aren't much better. customers told the dallas branch their quotes were doubled and stuff held if they wouldn't pay up. >> thought that all my stuff was gone. i worked hard for these things. . >> reporter: she worked hard to get them back though calls from a group called move rescue
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played a role. we tried to ask usa relocation about complaints and lauren's case but they wouldn't answer the door. >> i could talk to her too. hello? >> reporter: they also hung up on us when we called. when we finally got the owner on his cell phone he said that lauren never showed up and that he couldn't reach her. he later said she called demanding her things and cursing at them. she admits to being a fighter and said that may be what got them to give it back. >> i won't let them get away. they picked the wrong person. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> wow. the company is not with the bbb or a paid member. the federal motor safety administration is the agency with in the dot that polices movers. in response to our questions about the company they it said that they are reviewing this
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company's operations to determine if they are in compliance. we gave them many options to respond and they declined. how do you protect yourself from a situation like this and what are your rights in it's a confuses system. tomorrow at five we will break down the rule that protect you from a hostage scam and explain what maryland is lacking that could make it easy for rogue movers to set up shop here. >> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> let's get into it. chilly evening across much of the area. the camera look downtown. 51 degrees already. 79% humidity. that's norm am. we have a dry atmosphere on top of us and a calm wind. nice strong high pressure on top of us at the present moment. 50 winchester, 350's across the boards, few 40s. 43 oakland. the present hour. we will all be in to the 40s
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for over night. 50s, look at the planner, waking up to 52 by lunchtime. up to 68, beautiful an. mainly sunny skies but the clouds will start to filter in during the afternoon. we will get up to around 75 around the 4:00 hour. terms of what's going on not much. one system over upstate new york. we will be left with mostly clear skies, toward the west that's where we find a cold front that's draped over the northern tier of the nation and then this area of low pressure that will ride up and along itt. will bring in the clouds by wednesday and then showers by wednesday afternoon into wednesday evening. not a wash out but certainly going to bring in more wet weather, something we haven't seen for the last several days, warm stuff will come tomorrow. warm america comparison to where we have been for the last couple days, mix of sun and clouds, watch what happens into the day on wednesday. clouds in place. shower also be in here starting in the morning and then into
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the afternoon and evening. there is the future trend showing the dry skyline overhead. by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night clouds in place, spot shower for wednesday morning and another round of shower that will start to move in during the day on wednesday. just be prepared for that. 48 town, mostly clear, chilly night. low 40s north and west of town. 75 the two degree guarantee. mostly sunny with the clouds during the course of afternoon. finish up the series d we will go up to 80 on wednesday. ravens game looks good and dry at 73 degrees. boston back in town on friday. 71 degrees. 72, 72, shared over the weekend but now here is the deal. a storm so there could be a couple showers in to the big picture friday going this to the weekend. we will keep watching it for the latest updates. >> all right. thank you. you may have a pay outcoming your way from a major credit card company. that's after the break. first a look at night line. >> solitary containment.
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but it isn't always easy to find one... contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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. many banks promise free services but looks like you may still pay more fees. a survey from bank showed that atm charges are on the rise again. the average overdraft fee sup as is the fee for having a
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checking account. the way you can avoid them is just make sure the atm is the one at the bank and keep the minimum monthly balance in the account. you may though get a check in the mail soon from discover. its part of a settlement offer acquisitions they were press pureeing customers to buy costly add ons like payment protection. the funds will total $200 million, three and a half million customers, somen rolled people in programs after they them they were free. >> i have chilly air tomorrow morning. we are waking up to 50s. maybe a few upper 40s north and west of town. couple of layers tomorrow morning. 68 by lunchtime. beautiful afternoon and a few clouds in ding the course of the afternoon. wet weather in by wednesday and then again on the weekend. [ male announcer ] airtran airways is having a sale.
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. thank . we are a game and a half back. we are catch up tomorrow. >> see i tomorrow. have a good night.
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